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ArticleFriday 31 July 2015

Here at Boatsandoutboards, we love to read inspirational stories from both expert and amateur sailors who have braved the seas and found time to write about their incredible adventures. 

We wanted to share some of our favourites with our readers, but as there are too many to mention in one article, we've narrowed down the list into our top 20 sailing blogs that inspired us to sail off into the sunset. 

Our sailing bloggers are from, and have travelled, all over the world and so we’re sure that our readers will find the best reviews, tips and ways in which you can turn your sailing holidays into an everlasting sailing dream. Enjoy!

You can also use our categories below to take you straight to blogs that are most relevant to you.


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If your ultimate dream is to sail around the world with your family in tow, check out these blogs below. They’re a great place to start for planning your trip, choosing safe destinations and the articles are full of useful tips and tricks, along the way.

Mark and Angelina Roope sold everything they own and bought their boat, Cygnus III, in 2010. They have no real plans as they say "Plans fail. If we can hit land at the other end without having to get out and ask directions, it was a good day". Luckily their skipper has the memory of a goldfish with alzheimer's, or old timers as Angelina calls it so bad days are soon forgotten.They are living a dream to take their children on a journey of a lifetime, sailing around the world.

Blogging about their adventures, this motley crew describe their boat as “part of their family” and true to its Latinised Greek name, meaning swan, the vessel has gracefully sailed the family of four around Europe, from Hull in England, to the beautiful islands of Greece.

We love this blog mostly because of Mark’s witty and entertaining blog entries. He writes honestly with valuable views on the benefits of sailing and humorous sailing dilemmas, all complete with images. Check out one of our favourite posts on “what it's really like to live on a boat" here. 

A piece of sailing advice for our readers from

"Don't bring your lawn mower. You won't need it where you're going"


The Totem crew are a family of 5 whose life went through a radical change when Behan and her husband Jamie, decided to put their most important priorities into focus. They wanted to build real memories with their children, outside of dinnertime and flyby weekends.

With a long history of sailing experience and a growing hunger for a life on the water, it was a no brainer that Behan and Jamie would eventually pack up and fufill their dreams with their very own boat. Taking their growing brood with them, the couple first sailed out on their newly bought Stevens 47 cruising vessel, named Totem in 2008. Since then, Behan has been documenting their adventures along the way and has provided a huge range of invaluable information for likewise sailors, with advice on everything from the real cost of cruising, to sustainable living. 

Sailing Totem is a great site for those seeking inspiration and guides for taking the huge step of living a life on the water. Check out their how-to articles and guides here to get started. 

A piece of sailing advice for our readers from

"People always want to know: what is the cost to go cruising? And while it’s true that we have to live on money instead of just dreams, there’s a filter on this question that ought to be reversed. Why doesn’t more people ask themselves instead: what is the cost of staying home? Extracting yourself from the expected path to follow your dreams appears harder in anticipation than it will upon reflection in hindsight. Trust yourself, and make the leap!"


After years of discussions and building the confidence to take the first step into sailing, college sweethearts, B.J and Kathy, finally took the plunge in leaving their home behind and living a life on the water on their Hallberg-Rassy sailing yacht in 2012. 

Taking their two teenage children with them, the couple had no real time frame or goal, other than wishing to sail Australia before their eldest child left them for college. The family unit have enjoyed boating life and writing stories about their adventures ever since.

Where most children would usually be watching television or playing computer games, the couple’s daughter, Danielle, has instead discovered a love for more stimulating activities such as snorkelling, baking, knitting, reading and crafting things from clay.

Their eldest son, Will, on the other hand, has been dreaming of being a yacht designer from a very young age and has a lifelong passion for sailing.  Between sailing every boat he can get his hands on and what he's learned from living aboard and sailing the world for three years, he hopes to make the most of this experience. This September (2015) he heads to Southampton Solent University for their Yacht and Powercraft Design program, where he can pursue this dream.



Whether it’s your cat, dog, rabbit or hamster, why shouldn’t your pets experience the magic too? These blogs share the need to know tips and tricks for taking an animal along on a sailing adventure.


Matt and Jessica first purchased a boat in 2008 after giving up their jobs and deciding to live their dream of travelling around the world. What started out as an idea for a new hobby for Matt, quickly turned into a seven year sailing adventure around 16 countries, including Cuba, Peru, Jamaica and even the beautiful Bahamas.

We love this blog, mainly for the beautiful images that Matt and Jessica have captured on their journeys around the world and the detailed blog posts documenting their every move as they repair and rebuild their boat. We always look forward to their new adventures as they cruise from place to place and lets not forget seeing pictures of Georgie, the couple’s cat who they adopted in 2012. She spends most of her time stowed away sleeping under warm blankets whilst the couple are travelling.

Their blog also has a helpful ‘cost of cruising’ section where Matt and Jessica detail every penny of each purchase they make while sailing. Check out the most up to date 2015 version here.


The vessel Mary Christine was first purchased by Peter, Jody and their two dogs, Betsy and Gunner after packing up their little two bedroom house in San Diego and deciding to make the move to live their dreams sailing the ocean.

Selling and donating most of their belongings, the couple moved into the 1980 Whitby 42’ Ketch, and headed off along the “coconut belt” with cruising plans for Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The couple are currently on their way down the Caribbean Island chain to spend the rest of hurricane season in The Grenadines and Grenada.

We’re always looking forward to reading Jody’s updates on the couple’s next adventure, from swimming with turtles in the Tobago Cays, to stunning scenery at The Anadale Waterfalls in Grenada (Check our their stunning lobstering pictures in the US Virgin Islands here too). This blog is one definitely not to be missed.

If a cat can do it, so can you…


This is Bailey Blue, a fearless feline who lives aboard his owner’s boat and loves nothing more than to sit back, relax and watch panoramic sunsets with the sea breeze running through his furry locks.

Adopted when he was just 10 months old, Bailey was introduced to a life on a boat within a couple of weeks. With ambitious plans to sail the Pacific circuit and Alaska, Bailey and his humans are currently sailing from Italy to Greece for the summer. All articles are written from Bailey’s point of view, which of course gives this blog something a little different from others we’ve read.

Documenting his journey from his owner’s boat, 'Baileyboatcat' is a great site for those seeking information and inspiration for taking pets along the journey with them on their voyage around the world. From dealing with hot weather and wearing special safety equipment, to fishing, fur and frolicking, this blog has it covered. Check him out on his Facebook page here too. 

A piece of sailing advice for our readers from

"Once you have all of your safety equipment sorted and a good understanding of your boat just get out there and learn as you go. There's no substitute for experience. Don't be afraid to ask other sailors for advice. We're a furiendly bunch. Lots of salty sea dogs have given us PAWESOME help and advice along the way."


After deciding to follow their cruising dreams, Jereme, Kim and Oliver the dog took a huge leap of faith when they purchased a 1982 Endeavour 37 sailboat, named LAHO, in 2013. After quitting their jobs and without any real sailing experience, they set sail on the biggest adventure they would ever encounter.

Spending 57 weeks cruising around the Bahamas and Caribbean, the couple have shared some incredible stories and provided great advice for other sailing newbies along the way. Kim is a photographer and so the photos of all their adventures are pretty stunning too.

We love this blog, not only for the way it gives a great insight into life on a boat, but also for how, just from the reading the comments, we can instantly see how much Jereme and Kim’s stories have inspired others, helped some through difficult times and injected a real sense of nostalgia into those who used to sail. Check out their photos and videos here



Sailing with children can be tough work, but it can also be one of the most wonderful things your child will ever experience. From home schooling and safety, to fighting boredom and sea sickness, these couples have it covered.


The Sailing Britican blog is written by Kimberly Brown, who after hitting success with her own business and achieving what she thought were her life goals, began to question her life purpose and what really motivated her.

Kim decided on a dramatic lifestyle change and at the age of 37, she sold her 6 bedroom home and moved into a 56’ Oyster yacht, with plans to set off sailing around the world with her husband and young daughter.

We love this blog because of its detailed, honest and inspirational posts as well handy tips, recipes and checklists for everything you need to know about sailing across the globe. If you’ve been thinking about setting off into the horizon for a while but haven’t yet found the motivation to do it, this post will most certainly make you think twice about returning to your normal lifestyle routine.


Referring to themselves as ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ in their articles, this multilingual couple, from suburbia Sydney, decided to terminate their lease in 2013, quit their jobs and embark on an incredible sailing journey around the world.

With a baby and toddler in tow and excellent yoga teaching experience, the family followed their hearts and became self sufficient, running yoga retreats, writing articles and advising to financial clients from the boat to fund their adventures. They state on their blog that they “trust in karma and in the ability to take your life and happiness into your own hands”.

We love the free spirit feel of this blog and their belief that anyone can achieve anything if they put their all into making their dreams come true. As well as reading the helpful and insightful blog articles into what life is like sailing around the world with a young family, we also enjoy reading the delicious recipes, made with wholesome ingredients and guilt free options. Who said cooking on a boat will limit your creativity?

A piece of sailing advice for our readers from

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"


Our next blog belongs to Eric (a USCG licensed captain) and Charlotte (former teacher and writer) who first began their sailing journey in 2005 when they made the decision to purchase a Hans Christian 36 vessel and travel the world.

In 2012 with their older daughter and Charlotte pregnant with their second, they left San Diego to cruise in Mexico. Their second daughter was born in Mexico. Charlotte and Eric each document their journey on separate pages of the blog offering a unique and dual (sometimes dueling) perspective of their journey. Unfortunately in April 2014, the family had to abandon their boat due to a medical emergency on board and are currently continuing their blogging on land. Listen to their radio interview on how their incredible sailing journey ended here.

We love Rebel Heart as it is one of the most inspirational blogs we have come across. Their family is currently in San Diego and saving for another sailboat.  While they are currently landlocked, you can still read about their time in Mexico and sailing California, or follow them in real time as they prepare for their next vessel. This blog offers incredible posts sharing their experiences and advice for many aspiring sailors who are yet to start their own adventures with their family on the water.


Unlike other blogs, Brittany and Scott started writing their sailing articles on their blog ‘Windtraveler’ long before they set sail in 2010 with their boat, ‘Asante’. After cruising the Bahamas and the Caribbean, the couple decided to start a family and purchased a larger boat to accommodate their growing crew. With one child cruising was easy, but then they discovered they were pregnant with spontaneous twins which forced them to re-assess. Ultimately, they made the brave decision to continue sailing with "three under three" and base themselves in the US and British Virgin Islands.

Currently with little Isla and the twins, Haven and Mira, in tow Brittany, Scott and their three young children are having a short break for a few months, due to hurricane season and family commitments. However the couple say they have no plans to return to a permanent life on shore anytime soon and will be permanently basing themselves in the British Virgin Islands.

We love this blog as it provides a great insight into how, when life gets a bit tricky, there is almost always a solution and nothing can ever stop you from accomplishing your life goals. Follow the Windtraveler on Facebook here.



Feeling brave? Why not take a solo adventure and enjoy the wind in your hair and a taste of freedom, with no one to tell you what to do. These blogs will tell you exactly where to start and how to prepare for sailing solo.


Thinking of heading out on your voyage alone? Liz, (or captain Lizzy) a surfer and environmentalist from California, did just that, when she climbed aboard her 40 foot sailboat in 2006 and embraced remote waves and foreign cultures on her journey around the globe.

Starting the first year of her long voyage with friends, to gain experience, Liz then continued to sail on her own with no real plan of where to go, or what to do next. Blogging about her journeys and findings, Liz has gained plenty of sailing knowledge; as well a stripy cat nicknamed Tropicat along the way and has made all her dreams come true since the first day she learned to sail at the young age of 7.

We love reading the stories from the 18,000 miles of ocean Liz has travelled and her brave and inspiring attitude to sailing. From learning how to fix her own boat, to fulfilling her ambition to heal the world, we think these articles are enough to inspire anyone. Read Liz’s guide to a better world here


Travelling extensively as a child, Nate grew up with an ambition to avoid a slow death career, value freedom and embrace his deep connection with the ocean. After buying a boat, he made a plan to take 5 years off work and enjoy a minimalistic lifestyle whilst experiencing new places, new people and new cultures. 

Nate initially started his website with the view to share his experiences as he solo circumnavigated around the globe in his 2000 Lagoon 380 sailboat. However, on his incredible voyage, his blog - The Nomad Trip, quickly became a hub of fascinating adventures, with articles detailing everything from spearfishing and undergoing urchin surgery, to fixing up his boat, beach parties and cave diving.   

We chose to add ‘The Nomad Trip’ into our top 20, as we felt Nate’s blogging was a little different to the other site’s we had seen. His honest style of storytelling is filled with wit, humour and includes some great tips for other sailing newbies. Follow his journey here


At a time when money was the most important thing to him, Alan was informed by a doctor that the amount of stress in his body was at a dangerous level. Deciding to take a month away from work, Alan had his first taste of freedom and found he loved this new style of living.

At 36 years old, Alan decided to fulfil his dream of exploring the world and left his American residence in search for his new home – a sailing boat. With just 14 cents left in his savings, and his loyal dog, Chloe, he set out into the big wide world, writing about all his sailing adventures along the way.

We really enjoy reading Alan’s stories as he ventures from place to place and particularly love the detail in which he writes, so that anyone reading can feel like they are also experiencing the same sights and sounds. Read more about where it all started here



Whether it’s your partner, sister, brother, or best bud, sailing as a twosome can be great fun. With the freedom to do as they please and the security of having someone they trust by their side, the blogs below show us exactly why exploring the world as a pair is the best way to sail.


Tasha first climbed aboard her floating home in 2012 with her husband Ryan when he proposed his dream to sail around the world. Sailing out of New York, Tasha left her city life behind (but not her two cats) and began their unforgettable voyage.

The Catalina 34 coastal cruising sailboat, named ‘Hideaway’ transported them through incredible destinations with adventures spanning all the way from Cape Town in South Africa, to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The couple are now selling their boat and boarding a brand new vessel for brand new adventures on the seas.

Tasha’s blog is filled with insight, motivation and incredible advice that she shares along the way. Tasha states “My love of stories drives me to write. My love of adrenaline drives me to chase adventures”. We think that’s a pretty inspirational quote for anyone looking to follow their dreams. 

A piece of sailing advice for our readers from

"It's empowering what you learn and achieve when you step out of your comfort zone and towards your fears, rather than back away from them. The world is an amazing classroom just waiting for you to create your own exciting curriculum from it."


The sailing conductors describe themselves as “two music loving dudes who can’t help themselves but have to set out on an adventure of a lifetime” and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Ben Bart and Hannes Hafenklang, good friends from Germany, first set out in 2011 with the ultimate goal to record as many local musicians as they could across 35 different countries.

Sailing from Sydney, all the way over to Berlin, the pair have successfully reached their goal and have recorded plenty of aspiring musicians whilst documenting their journey, experiences and the people they’ve met online on their blog.

We love the music shared by Ben and Hannes on their travels (in particular Tara – Love me crazy) and this incredible collaboration video – Travelling Man. We also like to read the constant updates of what the pair are up to next on their interactive map, showing where they currently are and the path they have sailed.


Karen and Frank Taylor had their first taste of living life on the ocean in 2002-03 when they ‘home schooled’ their children on their boat whilst sailing around the Caribbean. However when their children went to college, the couple didn’t want their adventures to stop there.

Starting out on their epic journey in 2009, Karen and Frank decided to continue their circumnavigation alone and used Google Earth to research and plan their adventures along the way. They sailed around the world on their 50 foot catamaran called Tahina and visited the most incredible places, from The Pitons in St Lucia, to the diamond mine ghost town in Namibia.  

Karen and Frank made a transition back to land and ended their journey in July 2015, leaving behind some amazing stories of their voyage. We've really enjoyed reading the couple's informative and inspirational blog posts and believe they are the perfect motivation for those looking to start a life on the water. See their entire circumnavigation route in detail here.


Sundowner was first purchased by Tate and Danielle, a couple from rural Louisiana, in 2010. Due to the boat’s incredible history of circumnavigating the globe three times with its previous owners and sailing the seas for over 27 years, Tate and Dani decided to keep Sundowner’s name for luck. They began preparations for their sailing adventures for 2015.

Having already stopped in incredible destinations like, Columbia, Mexico and Key West, Florida, the couple are now deep in their challenging and exciting voyage, blogging their trials and tribulations along the way.

This blog is one of our favourites, as not only do each of Tate and Dani’s articles fill readers with inspiration, but each one also gives a great sense of bravery and passion for sailing from this loved up couple.

Where is Sundowner at the moment? Check out their interactive, real-time map here.

A piece of sailing advice for our readers from

"Let your heart tell you where to go, but let your brain tell you how
to get there"


With the dream to cruise around the world and no knowledge of how to sail or any money to make it happen, Mike and Rebecca, a young couple of Ontario, invested in a ‘Fast track to cruising’ course and began heavily saving for their goal to set off sailing in just 364 days. 

Feeling equally anxious and excited, the couple first set sail in their PDQ 32 Catamaran, from their home in Ontario in the summer of 2010, heading to the Caribbean with no real plan of what was to happen next. Five years on, and 2,000 thrilling blog posts later, Mike and Rebecca are now heading to Martinique to purchase their next boat, a 1983 Amel Maramu, to continue their dream of sailing the world.

This blog is one of our favourites as it really does prove that anyone can achieve their dreams and if Mike and Rebecca went from sailing newbie’s to live-aboard cruisers in such a small amount of time, so can you!


Taru first met Alex in 2009 in Barcelona and after just a few weeks of dating; took a very brave step into the world of sailing when she and Alex decided to take his sailboat out on the ocean and explore the world.

With no experience and a years worth of savings, Taru writes about giving away her belongings, moving on board Alex’s 43’ Halsey Herreshoff yacht and her amazing adventures through West Africa, South America, Caribbean and Central America, sharing some incredible photography along the way.

We really enjoy reading about this couple’s explorations as told from Taru’s perspective and think this blog is a great place to start your research on circumnavigation. From boat exercise and bay fishing, to beach life and vegan cooking, there’s definitely something to learn for everyone. 



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