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United Kingdom
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£ 2,100
Laser - Dart 15
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£ 2,100

Laser - Dart 15 for sale

DinghiesUnited Kingdom
Persons max 2

Dart 15 catamaran, sail number 1683.

Originally launched in 1979 as the Spark 15, this ever popular class is still in production today as the Sprint 15 and has the greatest entry numbers of any single-handed catamaran class in British National Events. As a one-design class, older boats in good condition can be just as competitive as those more recently built and winning is generally down to skill rather than who has the latest kit. The boat is most easily transported by trailer, but is designed to fit onto a car roof and still be fully rigged inside an hour without tools. They can be raced in three different ways: "Unarig" single-handed with just the main sail, "Two Up" with two persons, the main and the jib, but no trapeze and in "Sport" mode, single-handed with main and jib and the trapeze. For fun, there is of course nothing to stop you sailing two up and using the trapeze. The Darts fibreglass hulls are much lighter than the plastic rotoformed hulls of the Dart 16 and whilst more fragile are significantly faster. This also makes the Dart 15 straightforward to rig, launch, sail and recover single-handed. They are also light enough to make righting an easy single man operation. This video will give you an idea of what this class is capable of.
Blue Cat's fibreglass hulls were reconditioned and painted about 10 years ago and are still in excellent condition. The trampoline is sound and firm, but the flimsy side pockets have been discarded in favour of a robust new halyard bag attached at the base of the mast. She has a split mast that goes together smoothly and the rigging is all sound with a single trapeze on each side. She has two sets of sails, the original coloured sails which are in good working condition, but well past their competitive best, are perfect for leisure sailing or training, and a far more recent and very lightly used set of white race sails made by Hyde. These sails are still crisp, in excellent condition and are worth preserving for race day, or race training if you wish to purchase new sails for the next race season in the future.
She comes with skeg protectors and a Praddle stored inside one of the hulls for when the wind dies.
The rudders are in excellent condition with some minor repairs as you would expect, and the lowering mechanisms work smoothly and reliably. The main sheet is new and flows beautifully through the blocks. She comes with two tillers, one extra long for "Sport" solo trapeze sailing. As well as the usual launching trolley, she has a road trailer designed for Dart catamarans with extensible arms to accommodate either the Dart 15 or 18. The trailer has been retrofitted with rollers to make mounting and demounting the catamaran an easy single person job. The trailer has a mast stay for fixed masts, standard 7 pin electrics and has recently been fitted with LED lights. Mounted to the trailer is a lockable Thule Pacific 700 roof box which is the perfect size to store and transport rolled sails without folding, along with the rudders and rigging. There is also plenty of space to carry home damp wetsuits, drysuits and bouyancy aids. There is also a blue trampoline cover that protects the boat either while stored on site with the mast up or mast down when transporting by trailer. She is a beautiful cat for either relaxed sailing or racing and whilst ideal for two people, is light enough to sail single-handed. She is currently rigged mast up so that anyone not familiar can be shown how to rig the boat for sailing and de-rig the boat for transport, this will take about an hour. If you are familiar with Dart catamarans then we can immediately rig for transport once you have had a good inspection. You will need to bring a suitable rear number plate.
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CategorySmall Boats
ModelDart 15
Mooring CountryUnited Kingdom

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