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  1. 2015 Sage For the fight against pollution and as maritime rescue and control of fishing bank areas
    2015 Sage For the fight against pollution and as maritime rescue and control of fishing bank areas2015 Sage For the fight against pollution and as maritime rescue and control of fishing bank areas
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    Vigio, Spain
    Dami Boats
  2. 1980 Custom Icebreaker
    1980 Custom Icebreaker1980 Custom Icebreaker
    £ 8,525,454
    Rijeka, Croatia
    Dami Boats
  3. 1992 AB Cruise Ship Inland waterways
    1992 AB Cruise Ship Inland waterways1992 AB Cruise Ship Inland waterways
    £ 1,807,669
    Warren, Rhode Island
    Dami Boats
  4. 2002 Utility Series Crew Boat or Shadow Boat
    2002 Utility Series Crew Boat or Shadow Boat2002 Utility Series Crew Boat or Shadow Boat
    £ 2,238,873
    Cape Coral, Florida
    Dami Boats
  5. 1996 Commercial Passenger events ferry1996 Commercial Passenger events ferry
    £ 2,728,145
    Huelva, Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  6. 1992 Commercial Catamaran Restaurant Club1992 Commercial Catamaran Restaurant Club
    £ 2,728,145
    Ibiza, Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  7. 2021 Custom Security Vessel2021 Custom Security Vessel
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    Alpurrurulam, Northern Territory
    Dami Boats
  8. 2011 Custom Day Passanger2011 Custom Day Passanger
    £ 681,184
    Adriatic sea, Italy
    Dami Boats
  9. 2002 Custom Steel 25 m2002 Custom Steel 25 m
    £ 545,629
    Split, Croatia
    Dami Boats
  10. 1970 Ex Royal Navy Fleet Tender 1970 Ex Royal Navy Fleet Tender
    £ 127,882
    Cork, Ireland
    MGM Boats
  11. 1969 Commercial Passenger Cruiser 64 People1969 Commercial Passenger Cruiser 64 People
    £ 2,301,873
    La Gomera , Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  12. 1981 M/S Joséphine Passengerboat1981 M/S Joséphine Passengerboat
    £ 173,608
    West Coast of Sweden, Sweden
    Navark Handels AB
  13. 2001 Commercial Glass Bottom Catamaran2001 Commercial Glass Bottom Catamaran
    £ 510,675
    Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  14. 2019 Custom Mctay 662019 Custom Mctay 66
    £ 1,750,000
    Gibraltar, Gibraltar
    Indigo Yachting
  15. 1986 Custom McTay 651986 Custom McTay 65
    £ 495,000
    Gibraltar, Gibraltar
    Indigo Yachting
  16. 1977 Commercial Motor Launch1977 Commercial Motor Launch
    £ 37,512
    Mallorca , Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  17. 1990 Commercial Crain Work Fishing Mooring1990 Commercial Crain Work Fishing Mooring
    £ 110,831
    Canary Islands, Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  18. 2013 Custom Sailing Trimaran 552013 Custom Sailing Trimaran 55
    £ 332,493
    Marseille, 13 - Bouches-du-Rhône
    Network Yacht Brokers
  19. 1987 Delta Launch 14001987 Delta Launch 1400
    £ 180,000
    Rochford, Essex
    Indigo Yachting
  20. 2005 Commercial Catamaran Ferry Glass Bottom2005 Commercial Catamaran Ferry Glass Bottom
    £ 255,764
    Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers
  21. 2004 Interceptor 42 Workboat2004 Interceptor 42 Workboat
    £ 95,000
    Plymouth, Devon
    South West Yacht Brokers Group
  22. 2019 Custom Salamander2019 Custom Salamander
    £ 341,018
    Dublin, Ireland
    MGM Boats
  23. 2000 Bruno Abbate PrimatistG402000 Bruno Abbate PrimatistG40
    £ 39,500
    Whitby, North Yorkshire
    Private Seller
  24. 1976 ex fishing Boat 1976 ex fishing Boat
    £ 3,500
    Southampton, Hampshire
    Private Seller
  25. 1988 Lochin 331988 Lochin 33
    £ 44,950
    Ipswich, Suffolk
    Burton Waters Boat Sales
  26. 2021 Gemini Waverider 8802021 Gemini Waverider 880
    Request a Price
    Lymington, Hampshire
    BHG Marine
  27. 2004 Halmatic Arctic 28 Cabin RIB2004 Halmatic Arctic 28 Cabin RIB
    £ 68,995
    Conwy, Conwy
    Network Yacht Brokers
  28. 1990 Commercial Submarine boat1990 Commercial Submarine boat
    £ 83,549
    Mallorca , Spain
    Network Yacht Brokers

Boats and Outboards has new and used commercial boats for sale. They are also commonly called work boats. You will also find commercial fishing boats and commercial river boats in this category. The boats available range from cheap to more expensive commecial boats.They are typically available in steel, aluminium, steel and grp. Browse the small and larger commercial boats being offered by both professional brokers and individuals on Boats and Outboards today.

What are the main uses of Commercial / workboats?

These boats tend to be used for overnight cruising and saltwater fishing. These are boats which have an average power of 540 cv and can vary in size from 7 metre to 68 metre. These boats are constructed by a wide variety of boat makers with hull types which include displacement, catamaran, deep vee and monohull , inboard, inboard/outboard and outboard-4s engines, and which are available in diesel and gas.

How many Commercial / workboats do we offer?

Boats and Outboards currently has 29 for sale, including 4 new vessels and 25 used boats, listed by both individuals and professional brokers and boat dealerships mainly in United Kingdom. Some of these Commercial / workboats are very new, from 2021, while others are older, such as the 1969 ones.

Which shipyards build the best Commercial / workboats?

Out of 13 manufacturers, Commercial, Custom, other, AB and Bruno Abbate currently produce some of the best Commercial / workboats available. Choose from a huge range of luxury boats on Boats and Outboards.

Are Commercial / workboats cheap?

Boats and Outboards has a wide range of Commercial / workboats available, from the cheapest priced at £3,500 to the most exclusive priced at £8,525,460.