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5 Simple Tips for Writing an Ad for Your Boat

The perfect classified ad needs to highlight all the positives of your boat, whilst avoiding coming across as too much of a sales pitch. Often, the reason people are looking at classifieds in the first place is to avoid dealing with pushy sellers and dealers. Be honest about your boat and the condition it’s in; do some research and determine a reasonable asking price. Use these five tips to write a good classified ad for your boat.




When to sell

So, when is the best time of year to sell your boat? Generally, it’s best to sell at the beginning of the boating season, which is obviously dependant on weather and location but will usually start to pick up around mid to late Spring, April or May. That way you’ll have the maximum amount of interested buyers and be more likely to get the price you’re asking for. Selling the boat on your own is a bit more work, but if you write a good ad you can get a better price than if you used a broker or went with a trade-in.


Choosing a price

“Choosing the right price can be the most difficult part of writing your ad. Set your price too low and you’ll likely sell it quickly, but you’ll be losing out on a lot of money. Set it too high and you’ll be posting that ad over and over, hoping for a buyer,” suggests Victoria Jolly, writer at PaperFellows. Search the local listings and see what other comparable boats are being priced at. Take note of these lists and refer people to them if they think you are asking too much for your boat. You can also use a marine “blue book” from your local bank or dealership as a starting point for setting your asking price. Just be sure to take into account unique things about your boat that will affect how reasonable that blue book price is.


Describing your boat

There are two things to keep in mind when you’re describing your boat: honesty and highlighting its strengths. Be upfront about how long you’ve owned the boat and the condition you’ve maintained it in. If there are any issues with the boat, such as noticeable damage or mechanical issues, be clear about them in your ad. The buyer will find out soon enough. There’s no sense in tricking someone into coming to look at your boat only to be disappointed by that huge dent you failed to mention. Lead off with the positive things about your boat. Maybe it has low mileage, has only been used in freshwater, or has beautifully maintained upholstery.


moored up boat


Get the boat ready to sell

One of the best things you can do is take some good pictures of your boat for the ad. But before you even think about grabbing your camera, make sure your boat is in selling condition. Clean the entire boat and deck with a mild detergent and soft brush. Consider having the fiberglass finish buffed and polished so that it shines. Be sure to clean out the bilge, because if it smells musty a buyer may think there's some rot going on. Clean the carpets, upholstery, and curtains if possible. Don’t forget little details, like cleaning out the boat’s fridge and wiping up any crumbs. Once you’re done cleaning take some photos when it’s sunny out. These photos will make your classified ad much more effective if done properly.

Improve your writing skills for a better ad

The better your writing skills, the more effective your classified ad will be. Good writing takes practice, and a lot of people don’t even realize they need writing help. Here are a few good writing tools that are worth checking out:


#1. ViaWriting and WritingPopulist – Give these grammar resources a try. They make writing grammatically correct classified ads easy and simple.


#2. Academized and UKWritings – Use these online proofreading tools, suggested by BestBritishEssays, and guarantee yourself flawless copy. Typos in your ad reflect badly on you and will hinder your chances of selling the boat for your desired price.


#3. StateofWriting and SimpleGrad – Check out these blogs for some useful writing suggestions. There are tips and tricks here about writing ads and many other things.


#4. EssayRoo and BoomEssays – These are editing tools that come recommended by Boomessays review. Nobody likes editing their own work, so why not have someone qualified check over yours?


#5. MyWritingWay and LetsGoandLearn – Use these writing guides to improve the quality of your classified ad. Writing is a process, and the best way to go about that process is with a solid guide.



Classified ads can be tricky to write. You need to explain all the good things about your boat without coming across as pushy or disingenuous. A good classified ad will be an honest description of your boat paired with some good photos and a reasonable asking price.

The steps are quite simple really, but each one just as vital as the next, and surprisingly easy to forget. If you’re posting your first ad then these easy tips will act as a great guideline.


Grace Carter is an editor at OX Essays and BigAssignments services. She works with online proofreaders, curates marketing strategies and manages interns. Also, Grace teaches business writing at Assignment Writing Service, academic portal.