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The 5 largest sailing boats in the world

If you’ve read about the largest yachts in the world, you will have noticed that only one sailing yacht managed to eke its way into the top 10. That’s because when it comes to the world’s largest sailing yachts, we’re not just talking about length but also height…


The masts on these megayachts can reach up to 100 metres, which makes them all the more impressive. After all, that’s 4 metres taller than Big Ben. In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about the world’s largest sailing yachts.        

5. The Maltese Falcon- 88 metres


The Maltese Falcon was build by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi. Photo: yacht harbour


Year: 2006

Shipyard: Perini Navi

Owner: Elena Ambrosiadou 


The Maltese Falcon was brought to life in 2006 by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi for the late venture capitalist Thomas J Perkins. This yacht was the first to adopt the Falcon Rig sailing system which automated the sail furling systems. She can house 12 guests in her 6 guest bedrooms as well as a 17-person crew. 


4. Athena- 90 metres


Athena is modelled on the classic sailing yacht, Creole. Photo: Boat International


Year: 2004 

Shipyard: Royal Huisman  

Owner: James H Clark


This striking three-masted schooner is the flagship yacht of Silicon valley billionaire, James Clark’s personal fleet. She was delivered by the dutch shipyard Royal Huisman back in 2004 and remains one of the biggest private sailing boats in the world. This classic superyacht was modelled on another famous sailing yacht, Creole- a beautiful wooden sailing yacht built in 1927 for the Gucci family. 


3. Eos-  93 metres


Eos was build by the German shipyard Lürssen. Photo: Lürssen


Year: 2006

Shipyard: Lürssen

Owner: Barry Diller


In fourth place and reaching an impressive 93 metres is Eos; a charming three-masted schooner with a striking navy blue hull. She was built by Lürssen in 2006, and is one of very few sailing yachts to be built by the German shipyard. For 11 years Eos was the proud title holder of the world’s largest luxury sailing yacht until she was surpassed in 2017. 


2. The Black Pearl- 106 metres


sailing yacht with three large black sails

The Black Pearl is a three masted yacht with black sails. Photo: My Luxe Point   


Year: 2016

Shipyard: Oceanco 

Owner: Oleg Burlakov


The aptly named Black Pearl is a magnificent 106 metre yacht with her iconic black sails which, despite covering 2788 square metres, can be ready in as little as 7 minutes. Another feature that has made this superyacht famous is the use of the DynaRig sailing system which gives the Black Pearl the ability to cross the Atlantic Ocean without using fuel. The Black Pearl also houses a glass lift, spa pool, hot tub and beach club cinema on board.


1. Sailing Yacht A- 142.81 metres


silver metallic sailing yacht A

Sailing Yacht A is the world's largest sailing yacht. Photo: nobiskrug


Year: 2017

Shipyard: Nobiskrug 

Owner: Andrey Melnichenko 


In first place is Sailing Yacht A. This futuristic, silver-metallic yacht reaches an astounding 143 metres in length and is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko who is also the proud owner of her counterpart “Motor Yacht A”.


Her length is not her only impressive feature; her three masts are classified as the tallest freestanding composite structures in the world. Her mainmast reaches 100 metres above the waterline which, if laid flat, would beat out Eos, Athena and The Maltese Falcon. Sailing Yacht A is also said to be equipped with an underwater observation pod, a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and state-of- the-art navigation systems. 


Main image: Perini Navi

Disclaimer: Whilst the information displayed is believed to be true, Boats and Outboards cannot guarantee its correctness and does not assume any legal responsibility for its accuracy. All prices in pounds were correct according to the dollar-pound exchange rate at the time of publishing. 

Tiara Junanto
Boats and Outboards Marketing Team
Published on 2021-09-22