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3 Best Movie Boat Chase Scenes

When you think of Hollywood action movie chase scenes, cars normally take the limelight. However, when we’re eating our popcorn, we prefer boats in hot pursuit of one another.
There’s been some pretty incredible stunts pulled off over the years and we’d like to see boats take more starring roles in the movies, so we’ve put together our list of the 3 best movie boat chase scenes.
Face/Off (1997)
The producers of the Face/Off made the most of their $80 million budget with this brilliant chase scene at the end of the film. The scene was shot in San Diego and won an MTV Movie Award for Best Action Scene. The stars of the show are two Wellcraft 97 Scarab SCS 23 high performance power boat.
Puppet on a Chain (1971)

You’ve got to expect a pretty good boat chase scene if the director of a film is hired specifically to direct the entire film based on their chase scene experience. This classic long boat chase along the canals of Amsterdam directed by Don Sharp was elegedly the main source of inspiration for the boat chase in 007: Live and Let Die and the long chase scene in Amsterdamned.
The yellow boat driven by the protagonist Taube was a Shakespeare Sportsman ski boat, fiber glass, 13.5 ft long, powered by a fifty horsepower Mercury motor. The villain, Vladek Sheybal’s blue Euro-craft, was also fitted with a Mercury engine.
Live and Let Die (1973)
This classic Bond scene was filmed in Louisiana around the Irish Bayou area. The Glastron boat company donated twenty-six boats to the film, of which seventeen were destroyed during the scene’s rehearsals. Although unintended, clearing 110ft from a specially designed ramp, the speedboat jump broke the Guiness World Record at the time.
In the scene Bond steals a Glastron GT-150 from Dr. Kananga's "crocodile farm" drug factory. The GT-150 is eventually stopped by gunfire, so Bond changes into a Glastron CV-19 Jet speedboat which was fitted with a Evinrude Starflite 135hp engine to make the iconic jump.
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Image Credit: James Bond Lifestyle

Article by Jack Bartrop