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How do I successfully sell my boat?

I've made the decision to sell my boat, but how do I make sure that i'm getting the best price?

Essentially there are two main factors that'll affect how well your boat sells: the condition of your boat and how you advertise it. Most people sell their boat to be able to pay the downpayment for a new boat, so to ensure you get the best possible amount when selling your pride and joy, follow the 5 steps below...

• Find out how much your boat is worth

• Determine your asking price

• Organise an attractive advertisment

• Place an ad

• Boost the ad to achieve the greatest exposure


1: Research your boat's value

The first step to selling your boat is researching your boat's market value. The boat market is always changing, so make sure you do a search on BoatsandOutboards for boats similar to yours and see what kind of price they're being sold at. Make sure you're happy that you can spot the demand for your type of craft and whether they appear to be selling quickly.

Although a boat may appear similar to yours, a slight difference in specification can make a big difference in price. Knowing as much as possible about your boat will help you weigh it up against other similar boats out there.

Find out the value of your boat with our pricing tool here.

2: Set an asking price

The next step is to set an asking price that you believe is fair and leaves you room to negotiate with a potential buyer. If you feel unsure about setting an asking price, it may be useful to ask a friend with more experience for a second opinion. This way you'll be able to estimate whether your price is realistic, optimistic or pessimistic.

Also, make sure you gather up all maintenance records and other paperwork that detail your boat’s history. Without this boat documentation you may not be able to back up your asking price with the right documentation when it comes to negotiating the sale.

3: Organise your campaign

You now need to start to organise your advertising campaign. To sell a boat and give it the best chance of catching a potential buyer’s eye, ensure that it's as clean and free of debris as possible. Boat buyers buy with their eyes, so make sure you photograph all your boat’s features. A photo can say more than a thousand words and the more information a potential buyer has when looking at your ad, the more likely they are to enquire. To capture the best images, read our guide about improving your boat photography skills here. 


4: Design your ad

You should now be ready to design your ad and start attracting enquiries. The first step to complete is the title of your ad. Make sure your title is clear and includes the features you think boat buyers are most likely to be searching for (e.g. make, model, size etc).

In your boat’s description....

It's also vital that you include full contact details. To give yourself the best chance of attracting a potential buyer, you need to be able to respond to enquiries and organise viewings as efficiently as possible.

5: Boost your ad

To give your ad the best chance of catching the eye of potential buyers on BoatsandOutboards, we have a number of upgrade packages that will boost your ad to the top of search results and ensure your boat gets the attention it deserves. Simply select your chosen upgrade package when placing your ad and for a small price, get a big return. 

Ready to sell your boat?
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