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Are you protecting your boat against the plummeting temperatures?

Mulled wine and turkey sandwiches seem an age ago now, don't they – and many might say 'good riddance' given the number of calories they represented. On a more positive note, we hope that some lucky boat owners did, at least, receive a present from Santa they can make use of!


Gone, too, is January, which can feel like the longest month after a hectic festive season. Often, a casualty of the New Year's first month, are all those resolutions we committed ourselves to. You know, the ones about losing weight; exercising more or spending money a little less freely.


Of course, there’s a world of difference between frugality, and 'cutting your nose off to spite your face'. For example, most will agree that spending on routine boat maintenance is a wise thing to do. Few think it's worth taking the risk of foregoing that important annual service at the cost of suffering a major engine breakdown a few months later – which might as well have been avoided if only...


Then again, some breakdowns just cannot be foreseen, whether or not you've done all you can to keep your vessel in tip-top condition. That's where investing in a Warranty makes sense. Boats & Yachts Warranty are Europe's leading provider of Plans on new and pre-owned vessels with cover available for periods between 6 and 36 months.


snow over vessels


Now, although we’re still in the depths of winter and reflecting if the Met. Office's predictions of a return of 'The Beast from the East' turned out to be correct, we can, at least, begin to look forward to Easter and the start of the new season (and we know Easter is coming since the shops have been stocking chocolate eggs since December!)


Nevertheless, if you winterised your boat in the late autumn, it’s worth checking things are still okay. Top tips include:

  • Checking hoses for signs of cracking and leaks

  • Checking for damp in the cabin and other sensitive areas. If nothing else, make sure any soft furnishings remaining onboard don't end up looking and smelling like mouldy rags

  • Checking metal components and finishes for signs of corrosion. A little protection now can save a fortune in replacement parts later on.


checking the boat engine


And if your boat has been stored in a garage or similar, don't think the cold, damp conditions won't have been trying their hardest to ruin your day. Freezing temperatures and cold wet weather, followed by warm, damp spells, wreak the same havoc whether attacking something under a tarpaulin or inside an un-insulated building.


And remember, one of the best savings you can make to protect your investment against mechanical breakdown is a Warranty Plan from Boats & Yachts Warranty.


One final thought to cheer you. Christmas 2019 will soon be upon us if the ads. for Yuletide and Hamper Clubs are to be believed!