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Choosing the right location for your charter holiday

So you’ve decided you’re going to head on a charter holiday - but where? Deciding on a location can be a daunting task. Where will offer the best weather? Will there be enough to do? Will you enjoy the local cuisine? There is lots to consider.


We want to help! We’ve outlined our top charter locations and researched when’s best to visit, what that country has to offer and what you can expect to be eating, to help you to narrow your choices down. 




Locations available: Dubrovnik, Split, Pula, Istria, Zadar, Kornati.


When’s best to visit: For excellent weather and not too many tourists or cruise ships, we suggest visiting Croatia in September and October. The temperature remains high but the crowds have dropped off. 



Croatia is made up of over 1,244 islands, islets, stacks and reefs, along 6278km of coastline meaning there is plenty for you to explore from the sea. With crystal clear water and the white sand of the beaches to lure you overboard, this is the perfect location to take a dip. 


Not only is the coast line a picture perfect paradise, the cities are undeniably beautiful. Dubrovnik is lined with baroque buildings down limestone streets within it’s walkable city walls, while Hvar’s ornamental Gothic palaces are nestled within the booming nightlife. The more modern Split is also a coast-side destination with the dramatic coastal mountains contrasting with the glistening colours of the Adriatic sea.


Croatian cuisine has been influenced by a number of cultures over it’s past. In the more coastal regions, you’ll notice a heavier Italian influence, in contrast to the more Hungarian, Austrian and Turkish flavours further inland. A Dalmatia seaside specialty is grilled sea bass smothered in olive oil. 


Explore Charter Holidays in Croatia on site now. 




Locations available: Athens, Saronic, Corfu, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian, Lefkas, Sporades.


When’s best to visit: High season in Greece starts in May and carries through until late October as the weather stays sunny and warm throughout. July and August are the busiest and hottest months with temperatures hitting 33°. For a quieter time where you won’t have to compromise on weather, we recommend heading to the Greek islands in June or September. 



Greece offers a culturally rich, idyllic environment with vibrant traditions. There are 6,000 islands and islets situated within the Aegean and Ionian seas - perfect to sail between and explore in the summer sun. With over 16,000km of coastline, you won’t be short on beaches, bays and coves to discover. 


City tourism provides culture in abundance. Each location is affluent in tradition and offers a vibrant history. You’ll never be short on monuments or sight seeing opportunities, with hundreds of museums and archaeological sites scattered across the country.


Greek food is very central to the country’s identity. Expect feta, olive oil and herbs aplenty! Coastside, you’ll often get to taste fish and seafood caught fresh from the sea that very day. Mussels steamed in ouzo is a popular seaside dish. 


Explore Charter Holidays in Greece on site now.




Locations available: Elba, Naples, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Venice


When’s best to visit: Italy can get very hot, crowded and expensive in the heat of summer. As the tourist numbers increase, so do the prices. For a quieter, cheaper trip, head to Italy in the spring (April - June) or in the autumn months (September/October). 



Italy is the epicentre of art, architecture and excellent cuisine. With beautiful buildings and a rich and illustrious culture, this is a fantastic location in which to fully immerse yourself into a beautiful way of life. 


From the Alps and glacial lakes situated in the North, to the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Amalfi coast, this is a country that offers diverse exploration. Charter a boat in Venice to discover a maze of canals lined with marble churches and regal palazzos. Or head to Sardinia for white sand and picturesque coastline to sail along. 


If you come to Italy, you come to feast. Nowhere in the world can you experience such a food-obsessed culture. This is culinary experience at its most decadent. A blue T-bone steak on the streets of Florence or a trip to a Naples pizzeria for their famous pizza frita, each accompanied by a glass of the finest wine - what could be better?


Explore Charter Holidays in Italy on site now. 




Locations available: Balearics, Barcelona, Costa Brava


When’s best to visit: Weather wise, the best months to visit Spain is between June and September, with temperatures regularly hitting 30°. For a quieter trip, visit in June or September to avoid having to battle for sun loungers or restaurant tables.



Spain’s diverse landscapes, rich culinary culture and beautiful weather make it the perfect location for a charter holiday. The Spanish people are renowned for their laid back way of life, so it’s an excellent spot to relax and refresh. 


The Balearics are 4 islands situated East of the mainland. Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca are popular tourist destinations that offer distinctly different cultures than the mainland. Ibiza, while full of historic culture, is the party capital with clubbers flocking there in their thousands. It’s small neighbour Formentera offers beautiful beaches and a rustic charm. Mallorca is the largest of the islands, offering everything from booming nightlife and the bustling city of Palma, to the quiet coves, delicate old towns and rolling mountains of the countryside. 


Alternatively, head to Costa Brava, the coastal region of Catalonia in the North East, to explore plenty of seaside towns and indulge in snorkelling and wine tasting. If you’re looking for more of a city escape, charter from Barcelona. A city filled with architectural treasure, rich culture and world-class culinary experiences. 


Food and wine are at the heart of Spanish culture. Traditional recipes have been passed down the generations and refined into a fine art. These shores are the birthplace of tapas - simply imagine delicious small plates accompanied by world class wine in the afternoon sun. 


Explore Charter Holidays in Spain on site now.



Still undecided? Browse all locations here.


Abbie Rogers
Boats And Outboards Marketing Team
Published on 2019-09-02