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With the Coronavirus still having such a big impact on day-to-day living in the UK, it seems bizarre to think that elsewhere across Europe life is returning to normal.  Whilst we’re all boxed in at home, with travel all but forbidden, 14 day quarantine periods on your return, and schools possibly not even having the usual school summer holidays anyway, the rest of Europe is carrying on as normal.

The Germans, the other biggest sun and sea seekers after ourselves, are actually allowed to head down to the Mediterranean to start sailing – and it’s even easier for them as places like Corfu are only around 6 hours drive away – it would take us over 24 hours!

With Greece and Turkey set to re-open their full offering – from charter companies, marina bases, all the way through to shops and restaurants and bars – from the start of July, we can but hope that the UK soon follows suit, and allows international travel. In the meantime, it’s a great chance to take stock and reflect on where you should be looking to book, once the restrictions have been lifted.



The turquoise blue waters surrounding the Greek islands are the perfect destination for you and your family to spend some quality time together. Sailing amidst the Mediterranean Sea is the best activity for developing a family bond and learning more about each other.

The ‘Greek Islands’ are a part of the 6 major and 3300 minor islands in the Mediterranean Sea. If you tried to explore all the islands, it would take your entire life to complete. But a sailing vacation in the Greek Islands provides everything that the Mediterranean has to present. From rocky coves to sandy beaches, from blissful sunsets to crystal clear waters, and a special mention to the climate. The weather in Greece is constant which is warm and pleasant, making it easier for travellers to sail and explore.

When to Sail

The perfect time to sail to Greece depends on your personal choices and preferences. It is also dependent on the type of adventure and activities you would like to do there. The Mediterranean local climate is hot and dry during the summer season and mild breezy and humid during the winter season. If you are sailing with your children, autumn is the perfect time because you can involve in a lot of outdoor activities and enjoy the beach and sailing is comfortable too. 

In August the heat can be quite intense, so either get used to seeking out the shade at every opportunity or prepare to pay extra for a boat with Air Conditioning!

Where to Sail

yachts sailing

Sailing in the Greek Islands can be the most extraordinary sailing trip, but only if you choose the right places to visit. There are primarily 7 groups of islands that you have to add in your itinerary. These are the islands where you can have a different and exceptional experience of sailing along with your family.

  • Saronic Islands
  • Aegean
  • The Cyclades
  • Dodecanese
  • Ionian
  • Crete
  • Northern Sporades

The Greek Islands are together known as the islands of adventure and myths. Just plan your luxury sailing vacation with your family and see the smiles on their faces.



Turkey is situated between two continents, Europe and Asia. It acts as the geological as well as a cultural bridge where the eastern part meets the western part. You will be surprised to see how welcoming the local people are and how warmly they accept your friendship. There are more exciting places for you to explore on the southern Turkish coast. It is ideal for cruising. It stretches from the Gallipolis Peninsula to Antalya. The length of the coastline is approximately 1000 miles long because it consists of a number of peninsulas, bays, and inlets.

When to sail

Catamaran charter

Turkey is hotter than most of the sailing holiday destinations across the world, which allows for a longer sailing season. The months of May, June, September, and October are perfect for you to visit Turkey. As with Greece, July and August are hot, which can take some getting used to – especially if you’re arriving from a cold and rainy UK summer!

Where to sail

There are a lot of places or locations for your sailing vacation in Turkey. You can start your journey from Marmaris, Fethiye, or Gocek where you can explore and enjoy the charming mesmerizing bays, sheltered anchorages, and quiet inlets. There are truly acres of ruins from the ancient times of the proto-Greek to the Byzantine period alongside the coast. You should not miss out on the historical tours that take place ashore visiting Ephesus, Kas, Caunus, and Pergamos. The ruins of ancient Asia are the most pictorial in the Mediterranean.


For further advice on when and how you can go sailing abroad visit plainsailing.com

Boats and Outboards Team
Published on 2020-06-11