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MyBoat - A free digital boat management system and reminder service powered by GJW Direct

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As any boat owner will know all too well, the stress of managing every important document, vital piece of equipment or due date is sometimes a little too much to cope with. Especially when each and every one of these has to be organised, managed and maintained at a different time or date. You might be gearing up for an important life-saving equipment safety check and completely forget that your boat insurance is up for renewal two weeks later.

Usually, the only way to resolve this is to sift through piles and piles of paper documentation to try and find something that may not even be there. This wastes hours of valuable time. Now, all of that has changed. MyBoat powered by GJW Direct is a new digital organisation tool designed specifically for the boat owner. What’s even better - creating an account is completely free of charge!

My Boat management system - inforgraphic


GJW Direct
Published on 2019-01-28