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Product Review: Icom M23 Handheld VHF Radio

Measuring in at just under 13cm in height and powered by a mobile phone sized 3.6V Lithium-Ion battery pack, the Icom M23 is one of the best-value VHF marine radios available on the market. For more general information on how to use a VHF radio, check out this guide by Mailspeed marine
It's one of the smallest and lightest buoyant that you can buy, but it certainly doesn't compromise on power or performance. It more than matches the audio and battery performance of similar models that are currently available.
The IC-M23 enables you to stay in constant contact while you're out on the water, and thanks to its advanced technology it's able to cope in even the harshest of marine environments. 
One of stand out features of the this handheld VHF radio is that it boasts a bright red LED which flashes when it's submerged in water, even when the radio is switched off, ensuring that you're always able to find it, especially in low-light in conditions. Remember, as the Icom M23 is buoyant; it'll always float to the surface of the water and will remain there until you're able to retrieve it. Not convinced? Then take a look at the video below:

As well as boasting a whole host of innovative features, the Icom M23 also offers you unrivalled convenience, making your life that extra bit easy. There's a built-in regular charger circuit which allows you to directly charge the battery pack using a standard wall charger or even using a cigarette lighter cable. It's also possible to see the current charging status on the LED. When used in combination with the optional rapid desktop charger, the BP-266 battery pack can even be removed from the transceiver and charged in around 2.5 hours.
Even though it has a smaller and lighter body in comparison to older models, the IC-M23 still has a large LCD (32x16mm). The LCD has a clear 2-digit channel number indication and LCD and key backlighting are built-in, making the Icom M23 perfect to be used at night. You can also change the volume level to minimum or maximum level, with a simple two touches of a button in order to capture the received message.
If you're looking for a compact buoyant handheld device that boasts a host of innovative feature and doesn't compromise on performance, then the IC-M23 is ideal for you. So, what sort of damage are you looking at?
The best price that we've been able to find online is with a saving of £55, the Icom M23 is available on Mailspeed Marine for only £109.99. Make sure that you get in there quickly, it’s hard to imagine that they'll be around for too long at that price!