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UberBoat launching in Mumbai tomorrow and soon to spread worldwide

Nearly everyone should be familiar with the Uber brand by now; the American company which kicked off 10 years ago is now providing cheap and fast taxi-style services to all 7 continents of the world. It’s also a multi-billion dollar business that’s started to use various sub-branches to create more opportunities for its own name as well as more helpful services for local communities. UberEats, UberHealth and UberFreight are all examples of different ways Uber can now help you out. The latest edition is UberBoats - and you can guess what the idea is there…


UberBoats already has one launch - in Croatia which went live last year and has really performed well since then. The idea was that Croatia is a country heavily split up into many small islands and it’s very hard to move from one to the next without owning your own boat or paying extortionate fees for local private taxis. UberBoats offers tourists and locals a quick and easy solution to get from A to B without going through excessive organisation and extortionate prices. It works exactly the same way as the original automobile version - a handy app which saves all of your account details ready for the next use.


mumbai city


If you’re wondering when this exciting new project will hit an area near you, the answer is probably a lot sooner than you think. On the 1st February UberBoats moves to its second location, Mumbai. They’ve worked with the Maharashtra Maritime Board to provide a service that will work alongside the ferry systems that already operate between the busy city and the Elephanta Islands that surround it. This means people will no longer have to wait in queues and pay extra for the slow, busy ferries that are in place - they can now catch their very own private ride on much faster vessels.


If the move is a success there in India, we’ve no doubt that Uber will start to open up the possibilities for a similar arrangement in some of Europes biggest cities.