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The salt in seawater is a silent killer to boats. Any surface material on a boat is likely to go through some form of corrosion or damage over time unless proper care is taken. 
We all want to look after our pride and joy, but how we do it and crucially, by not cutting any corners will decide whether issues and expensive replacements are prevented down the line. In order to retain value in our expensive past time, you have to know what works and what is worth every penny and minute of your time. The question is, how are you currently protecting your boat against salt corrosion? 
Most sea-going owners keep a close eye on their wires, fittings, rigging, chainplates and regularly wash their vessel with fresh water. Of course, this is fine and better than nothing, but washing with water alone or with an ordinary soap won’t remove all the salt from the surface and ultimately, won’t prevent damage and degradation over time. 
The most effective way to clean your equipment and boat is to invest in a salt remover - it is by far one of the best purchases you can make for maintenance. The remover we’ve been using and the brand that our customers love also is called Salt-Away. Salt-Away is a water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution that works wonders on your engine, hull, fishing gear and everything from stem to stern.
Salt Away Product on a customers Game King boat

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Salt-Away has been a market-leading name for decades in salt removal by dissolving and preventing the chloride from sticking to surfaces. Salt-Away pride themselves in always striving to make advancements to their products. Over the years, their formula has been refined by being put through a series of military specification testing methods. The focus on quality, salt removal and safety is paramount. The product has passed rigorous mil-spec ISO standards for chloride removal with the maximum limit for what is known as weight loss (lack of deleterious effects) whilst doing so.
The products are designed for all surfaces but are excellent for flushing inboard and outboard engines, jet skis and cleaning the outside of your boat and trailer. The concentrated formula can dissolve even the most neglected, heavy salt build-ups in cooling systems with repeated uses. It comes with an easy-to-use mixing unit to keep the correct ratio of mixture to wash everything in sight multiple times over efficiently.
You can see how easy it is to use in the videos below, as they flush their engines and wash all the fishing gear and equipment without fuss.

Customer Testimonials
Salt-Away has been a respected brand across the pond and in Australia for many years now. Here are just a couple of testimonials from happy customers.
Customer testimonial email from Shaws marine
Customer testimonial email
We recommend buying both the spray products and investing in the large container of the concentrate so you make savings, as you will want to buy more eventually to keep everything in showroom order. Particularly for this time of year buying some Salt-Away and having a go yourself on the boat and gear will give yourself less to do in the following months before laying up for winter. 

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Boats and Outboards Team
Published on 2020-09-16