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Living on a narrowboat: What's it like?
Escaping the rat race sounds romantic, but could you live without instant power and a postcode? Tony Jones describes life on a narrowboat. “It depends on what you consider cramped,” laughs liveaboard convert Tony Jones who runs a copywriting business from his beautifully appointed but distinctly bijou 50ft narrowboat home, the Watchman. He’s currently moored in St Mary’s Marina, Rufford, south of Preston, Lancashire but will be moving on soon. “I have a simple rule - nothing comes in unless we desperately need it.” Fancy life on the canal? Shop all narrowboats and used boats for sale here.   He clambered aboard 12 years ago carrying
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Brexit Q&A: How will a ‘No Deal’ Brexit affect UK boats in the EU?
The topic on everyone's lips - Brexit. 3 years on from the pivotal vote and discussions are still underway, with Boris Johnson's government at the epi-centre of national and global news.   But as negotiations continue, do we really know how a ‘no deal’ Brexit would affect our community? We’ve delved into the web to uncover how boating in the EU will change under the new political landscape.    If the government and the EU don’t agree a deal, what happens?   A ‘no deal Brexit’ means that the UK and the EU are unable to come to an agreement in relation to Britain’s exit from
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Buying a cheap GRP Canal River Boat
I would over a period like to encourage everyone to consider buying and owning a boat, however cheap or small from a simple kayak to well, the sky's the limit with boats is it not? But sadly, today it seems we have moved away from starting small.   Years ago, everyone got in to Inland canal and river boating by buying something cheap and cheerful that then if they liked boating, this could be sold on in a short time with maybe a little profit if work had been done. The boat improving over time and in-turn they could move on to
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Automatic Fender System
In this article I am reviewing a product that has been developed and thoroughly tested over several years. The early versions were brilliant, and a new version has made them even neater with even better performance. This latest incarnation of the Automatic Fender System had its European launch at the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2019 and was shown in full operation on the demonstration rig.   This promises to revolutionise the way we all take the handling of fenders for granted. Frankly, we think that this product is superb.   WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Of course, we all know that berthing your boat can
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