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Keep it simple
Bathtubs, Yoghurt pots and perhaps my favourite, a plastic gin palace - which is about as far removed from my Dawncraft as you can get. The social side of the Inland waterways is still divided between traditional barges and the wonder material that is glass fibre. A substance first used in America in 1956 with the production of the Chinook 34 sailing boat. One of these types is still capable of hauling 40 tons of coal with its interior stripped out, the other less so.   Still, this doesn’t seem to deter the average yoghurt pot owner from wanting all of the
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Cancelled: Swanwick Marina Used Boat Show
Last week yet another Boat show has been cancelled, Premier's Swanwick Marina confirmed that the Used Boat Show can no longer go ahead. The show was organised for the 10th October until 18th, which sadly now will not be able to continue. Premier's onsite Brokerages and partners, however, will still be on-hand and continue to hold both new and used stock during those dates. This is purely for private viewing appointments made by serious buyers.  For current stock information, you can find the latest boats for sale below: Ancasta International  Clipper Marine Princess Motor Yachts Fairline Yachts Sea Ventures Sunseeker Southampton Graham Bristowe, Swanwick’s General Manager, said: “This show
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Buying a cheap GRP Canal River Boat
I would over a period like to encourage everyone to consider buying and owning a boat, however cheap or small from a simple kayak to well, the sky's the limit with boats is it not? But sadly, today it seems we have moved away from starting small.   Years ago, everyone got in to Inland canal and river boating by buying something cheap and cheerful that then if they liked boating, this could be sold on in a short time with maybe a little profit if work had been done. The boat improving over time and in-turn they could move on to
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Protect your boat with Salt-Away
The salt in seawater is a silent killer to boats. Any surface material on a boat is likely to go through some form of corrosion or damage over time unless proper care is taken.    We all want to look after our pride and joy, but how we do it and crucially, by not cutting any corners will decide whether issues and expensive replacements are prevented down the line. In order to retain value in our expensive past time, you have to know what works and what is worth every penny and minute of your time. The question is, how are you
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