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Splitting the bill - Sharing the cost of boat ownership
If you’re unsure of committing to the costs of your own boat, or unable to spend as much time on the water as you would like, sharing may be the ideal solution. Even on the sunniest of weekends, an incredible number of boats lie idle around the British coast. Busy lives and a myriad of conflicting interests conspire to keep sailors away from their boats, making their cost per use far higher than any would like to admit. So it’s not surprising more people are turning to a variety of ways to minimise the expense of boat ownership. From basic partnerships with
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Introducing Charter Advisers, powered by LateSail
LateSail are celebrating 20 years of bringing you “adventure, exploration and freedom”. To celebrate their anniversary, they’re introducing Charter Advisers - a relaunch that puts their knowledgeable team at the centre of their brand, emphasising their expertise.    Their team are at the epi-centre of their operation, with their fantastic customer service and industry experience paving the way for their excellent reputation. With over 50 combined years of chartering knowledge, LateSail are the obvious choice, especially for first time charterers who need more support.    To ensure that the trips are simple and affordable for all, LateSail have set up their unique advisory service
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Buying a cheap GRP Canal River Boat
I would over a period like to encourage everyone to consider buying and owning a boat, however cheap or small from a simple kayak to well, the sky's the limit with boats is it not? But sadly, today it seems we have moved away from starting small.   Years ago, everyone got in to Inland canal and river boating by buying something cheap and cheerful that then if they liked boating, this could be sold on in a short time with maybe a little profit if work had been done. The boat improving over time and in-turn they could move on to
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