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Transporter Energy - Make the switch to Lithium
For over 160 years, we have continued to use the same technology for rechargeable power from batteries. This lead-acid option invented in 1859 is still widespread today. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper and might be a suitable option for many, but when it comes to powering your boat, is lead the safest and most cost-effective option in the long run?    There are many reasons why lithium is the favoured technology across modern devices, notably for the power to weight ratio. Lithium batteries power the devices in our pockets and the hearts in some chests with pacemakers. These same benefits are clear for
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Fairline Yachts extends warranty to two years
Luxury British boatbuilder, Fairline Yachts, announces it has extended its standard manufacturer’s warranty from one to two years for free.   This updated warranty will be available to any new boat purchased from Fairline’s global dealer network between 1st January 2020 and 31st August 2020. Fairline have extended the year to make up for the loss in use for new owners due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.  Sales and Marketing Director of Fairline, Dennis de Roos, "Part of the Fairline Yachts experience is our high level of customer service and this applies more than ever during challenging times. We want to show our support
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Buying a cheap GRP Canal River Boat
I would over a period like to encourage everyone to consider buying and owning a boat, however cheap or small from a simple kayak to well, the sky's the limit with boats is it not? But sadly, today it seems we have moved away from starting small.   Years ago, everyone got in to Inland canal and river boating by buying something cheap and cheerful that then if they liked boating, this could be sold on in a short time with maybe a little profit if work had been done. The boat improving over time and in-turn they could move on to
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Jeanneau Merry Fisher Marlin 895 - Offshore
What’s all the fuss about the Jeanneau Marlin 895 and its claim to be the SUV of the sea?    The new Marlin 895 capitalises on its sister’s success, (the 895 Cruiser) by having it all in one neat package - large walk-around side deck, a proper bow cockpit and boarding ladder, with sun pad and cushioned seats in a nearly enclosed circle.   Looking deeper at this award-winner, the Land Rover of the sea analogy starts to become more obvious. The swiss army knife wheelhouse has a paddleboard rack fitted above with two sunroof options. To the side, are extra-wide sliding doors for
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