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How to choose the right first boat
Owning a boat opens up a world of possibilities with a range of new activities and destinations for you, your family and friends to enjoy. But the decision to buy your first boat will inevitably throw up a long list of questions. Even if you’ve had a particular type of boat in mind for years, it’s worth spending time considering the way you will realistically use her. Who will you go out with, will your use be seasonal or all year round and do you want to make short day trips or longer voyages?  How much maintenance are you prepared to do?
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A Kill Cord Could Save Your Life
The importance of wearing a kill cord is highlighted in dramatic style in a new safety video from the RYA.   Power boat drivers will be left in no doubt of the vital role the kill cord can play in keeping people safe should they experience difficulties on the water.   The video is part of the RYA’s new digital safety campaign to highlight its key safety messages: look after yourself, have a plan, keep in touch and know your limits. The campaign is a fresh approach to the RYA’s more traditional method of issuing an annual Safety Advisory Notice featuring key topics to
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Understand trimming your outboard engine
Okay, so I’ve nailed my lefts and my rights, and therefore I’ve mastered my ports from my starboards. However, I have a problem. I have now discovered my orientation kryptonite – it’s UP and DOWN.   With the hope that I’m not the only directionally challenged among us, this guide to understanding the trim of your outboard motor should make you feel less confused. Because when you’re starting out it’s an important skill to have locked down, one that soon becomes second nature with practice and getting to know your boat.   What is ‘trimming your engine’?   For regular boaters, it’s easy to forget that
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